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February 14, 2023

Deck Tiles & Pedestals

International Wood Magazine 2021

Ipe decks, patios and roofs have come of age thanks to a simple yet groundbreaking modular tile concept. The concept uses a pedestal mounting system that is versatile, easy to install and extremely cost effective, with lpe tiles mounted on adjustable bases that are attached to either a flat or pitched surface. The wooden tiles are easily placed and securely attached with heavy-duty plastic pins. Most pedestal models are adjustable in height and can pivot and self-level to accommodate slope.

Not only does this concept eliminate labor, but it also adds installation flexibility. The pedestals can be adjusted without removing any tiles. “A tool is inserted at the intersection of the tiles that allows adjustment while standing on the tile,” said Wes Robichaud, Business Development Director at Coastal Forest Products, “This eliminates the need to remove the tile again and again when making final adjustments to level a deck.”

The pedestal-mounted model can receive pressure treated joists. In the past, developers used sleeper joists to install roofs on rubber membranes. Because a pedestal is stationary and fits with no lateral movement, wear and tear on a rubber roof is negligible and there is no need for sleepers, according to Robichaud. “The pedestal system offers the option to receive a pedestal joist elevated above the rubber membrane, providing easy access to mechanicals and for cleaning and removing debris,” he said.

“Few things in the construction industry are as easy to move within a building as a 24″ x 24″ deck tile,” Robichaud noted.  Avoiding the labor involved in building a framework and installing deck boards is a huge cost saver. But even beyond that, the square foot cost for deck tiles is minimal compared to conventional decking. “Still, what’s really boosted acceptance of this technique is the ease of use with self-leveling pedestals and fact that lpe deck tiles are now readily available in most markets,” Robichaud said.

A pedestal-mounted decking system can be ideal in urban areas to maximize rooftop areas for outdoor living.  It is also an ideal application to cover concrete patios.  Ipe is especially well suited around pools since it is not affected by pool chemicals.  Combining various tile lengths, sizes, or board direction produces a beautiful aesthetic that enhances any setting. 

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